Chi è Gunè

There is a bit of Gunè in all of us. Women who love to cook and women who don’t like to cook.

Women who relish every moment at a family table and women who eat quickly because they always have something to do.

But Gunè is something more.

She is a woman who comes from our past and who embodies our grandmothers and our mothers.

Because we know that cooking is a part of our heritage and Gunè loved to cook.

She always made something tasty and she loved to experiment, knead and mix ingredients, different flavours and colours.

She created recipes that enticed those who sat at her table thanks to her magical touch and her deep knowledge of the raw materials of her territories,

Tuscany and Lucania, from which she got her inspiration and a good dose of courage.

Yes, because in the kitchen as in life, one needs courage.

And Gunè had courage to sell. Born near Matera she moved to Florence for love and here she created her family and cultivated her passions: from cooking to embroidery, from painting to the art of being together.

In her notebook, where she wrote her recipes, she described those flavours that took shape with “eye-made” doses (as she always said) and with ingredients mixed together seemingly without a logic.

But Gunè left nothing to chance and so, you should have seen the faces of her loved ones when one evening, fully dressed with an embroidered apron over a long dress, she brought the frizzuli, the typical pasta of the Lucano tradition, to the table with Tuscan meat sauce…

The frizzuli left everyone speechless, so much so, that the whole neighborhood began to talk about this dish and soon she was contacted for the production of homemade pasta.

Gunè loved to share her knowledge because she thought that collective knowledge was a revolution and so she handed her notebook to her children and grandchildren.

Gunè is much more than a restaurant. It is a place where words and flavours intertwine, giving life to a true culinary journey that we wish to share with all of you.

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