Gunè is a project that opens its vision in the historic center of Florence. The design concept is inspired by its name: Gunè, an ancient Greek word (γυνή) that means woman.
Through its Renaissance structure, the restaurant is divided in comfortable niches where each piece of furniture is characterized by a play of colors and shapes, creating a warm and seductive atmosphere with a retro style.

The counter welcomes customers withe the preparation of cocktails and Italian coffee; an open kitchen offers customers a view of the work in progress, enhancing the Chef’s skills.
The range of colors portrays a chic environment of great visual impact by immersing the guests in a relaxing but tasteful atmosphere.

To complete the interior design, Gune’s guests can admire Andrea Pomini’s (aka Pomo Fi) portraits of famous Women. A series of acrylics and spray on canvas the represent a challenge in trying to transfer the soul and greatness of the subject onto canvas, with secret messages to decipher while at dinner.